Where do I begin

It has almost been a month since my last post.  I assure you it is not due to lack of subject matter. On the contrary, there have been many things to write about. They all seemed too short to post. But when I saw that time was rushing by, I decided to sit down and just write.

Where do I begin? I am have managed to secure a job. Not a high paying job but a job with a lot of potential to network with people and still build on other things. I also took this job because I knew for sure that it would provide me with fodder beyond my wildest dreams for this very blog.  I would be meeting all kinds of people from all walks of life and I knew that in short order, I would have lots of things to write about.  It is funny but the more people I meet the more I see a common thread. People seem to fall into the same basic categories, regardless of age, ethnicity or stature in life.  There are good people everywhere, people who will challenge you to the very core of your being and then there is everyone else in between in varying degrees.

When I worked around the elderly I found this to be true.  It wasn’t that they became difficult as they aged. It was that they were always like this and it just seemed to magnify as they got older.  Same with young kids, teenagers, young adults, and middle-aged folks.

This month I have spent getting acquainted with the job. You know, it is the adjustment period.  And the characters at this place are starting to emerge. The wonderful thing is that as I have probably mentioned before lots of things come down to your perspective. And how do I plan to navigate this new terrain you ask. Well, for one I plan to observe, gain trust and develop understanding. I have no doubt that in short order, stories will be flying.  Remember the category “Truth is Stranger”. There will be lots of that.

So I am adjusting to a new job, a new perspective, a new routine, and a new balance. Not to worry, I plan to keep writing, keep discovering, keep posting stories. It is never easy adjusting but it is always worth it! Where do I begin!!

I begin with adjusting to a new journey. There will be lots of those. Those come with change.. that constant we often try to avoid. This new journey starts now.

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