Truth is Stranger

Laugh with me!

Laugh with me!

This must have happened to you! A moment of truth being stranger than fiction.  You know, that moment when you have been a part of something completely incredulous, where you were observing or listening to something unfold before your very eyes. Something that was just too unbelievable in your world. And as it was unfolding you were asking yourself “Why is there no one around with whom you can share this experience??” or “Who is going to believe this?”  You are thinking to yourself, “Is this other person standing there seeing/hearing this??”

If you can confidently say that you have never experienced anything like this, I can confidently say “WHERE have you been??”  We all have moments in our lives when things happened and we have said to ourselves “No one is going to believe this!”

When I had my own restaurant this was a DAILY occurrence. Sometimes, several times a day! And for a time, I used to think that this sort of thing only happens in the hospitality world. But I have come to realize that this happens where and when people interact.. and that is practically everywhere! Prior to my life in hospitality these moments did exist, just not a frequently. So unless you live out in the remotest part of the world with no interaction with humans, you’ve had  a moment or two in your lifetime.  And if you can’t think of one, well, you just need to hone in more on what is happening around you.

Now that is not to say that I am always honed in myself!  I have often laughed with my family and friends that I would be the one during a bank robbery who would be the last to hit the floor because I was… well let’s just say my mind was elsewhere. I call it delayed reaction. In this fast paced world where you are thinking about a million things to do or places to be, it is highly possible and very understandable to disconnect from what is going on. You know, your mind is elsewhere.

I will be sharing these moments when they occur.  There will always be something to learn from it. And more often than not, there is humor in it, of course!  What these moments have made me realize as the years go by, is that when you see something in a movie or TV series and you say to yourself ” Wow, how did they come up with that!”  Remember, truth is stranger!

Look for posts under “This Happened Today” as I share stories, some too unbelievable, but I promise you, true! We are talking every day life people!  Hopefully our connections will build through laughter and moments of reflection!

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