Starting with This Happened Today…

Starting today there will be stories…

No doubt these stories may…will.. resonate with you! “This happened today” could be any day, any where,  any time with anyone or with no one.  After all,  we do share similar experiences – work, family life, friends, activities, major life changing events and more.  Sometimes we are so caught up in the daily grind of just getting on with the business of living life that we don’t observe the things or people that the universe has put in our path to guide us through this journey.

My father had this penchant for attracting rather odd characters in his life. His whole life!  He regularly told stories of his day’s encounters.  They were all drawn to him. I assure you, he did not seek them out! The family joke is that I inherited this trait!  And like him, some strange characters have been drawn to me in my lifetime!

Everyone really started to take notice when I had my small Tea Room.  It was in what I will affectionately call “a changing neighborhood”.  A neighborhood that once had a bevy of “ladies of the night” strolling the boulevard.  From the moment I signed the lease the stories abounded. The daily occurrences had my family in fits of laughter.  All true!  I had no other choice but to laugh with them, if not I would have been stressed out to the max.

In one instance, I had a homeless woman who set up housing behind the dumpster.  I will fast forward to when we finally made a happy connection and she would bring photos she took on the recent cruises she had been on with her family.  Yes, while she was living behind the dumpster. I stood there in awe, looking at the photos, wondering how is it that a homeless woman can be going on a cruise, and I am struggling to keep my restaurant afloat! Back then, so many things happened in one day!

Today I have fully embraced my father’s “inheritance”!  Though my encounters are not as frequent as when I was running my restaurant, similar occurrence do happen. These will be the fodder for most of the stories that happened today. And wait,  the day ain’t over yet!

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