Seeing What You Don’t See

Is that even possible? To see what you don’t see! Once again, gardening has been wonderful in allowing me to reflect more on myself,  and to myself, to meditate… for lack of a better word.  Having a hobby that allows me to reflect inwardly is a great thing!  Being able to practice that hobby more frequently has been a blessing.

I have been going out into my garden daily to check my plants.   Recently I noticed some tiny black insects taking over the new growth on my muscadine grape plant.   I was annoyed. Just when the plant was starting to show new growth, these insects were taking over and sucking the life out of it! I really try not to use pesticides. So I used my fingers to gently rub the soft new leaves, pushing the insects off into my fingers and crushing them.  As I moved my fingers to each new growth I thought to myself, “Would that be enough? Would the insects return or would they leave well alone?” I wanted the plant to do well.  The tell tale sign for me when a plant has settled in and is happy is when I see new growth. I had moved this muscadine grape plant to many places in my garden, and finally, new growth began to appear.  The plant was happy in its new pot and its new spot.

In truth, a little over 6 months ago I probably would not have even noticed this insect invasion at the start.  There probably would have been significant damage to the plant before I would have noticed, or worse, I would have found the plant dead. But within the past year with my dramatic life change, my routine has changed and by checking my plants each morning, I noticed the invasion. I was seeing what I usually don’t see. And once again I stopped and thought how this applied to my own life.

It was not more than a day later after one discovery that I had another. There on the same plant were three tiny bunches of grapes beginning their journey, filling my head with hopes of sweet plump grapes to munch on in the months to come.

How interesting, that for the past 5 or so years I had become so consumed with just working a job that I neglected other areas of my life!  And the results of that neglect became abundantly clear to me when I was out of work.  We all get caught up in the daily grind. We all find ourselves barely feeding what we deem necessary to survive while the rest of our lives starve for attention.  We all have that moment in our lives that reminds us we need to reconnect with ourselves. Take heed!

I make every effort now to be more balanced in my life. For me, it is a constant effort to remind myself of the details of my life that need attention. It is about knowing the value of all that is important in my life.  It is about seeing what I don’t see. It is about knowing what needs attention daily and what can be done weekly, monthly, semi-annually or yearly to stay balanced and whole.

I have changed how I spend my time. And I suspect that in a few years I will change again. Change is constant. And I have come to embrace change and call it my friend. Take time to stop and reevaluate things in your life. See what you don’t see every once in a while. You may be surprised how much it will make your life clearer!

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