One year later, the now

It is hard to believe that a year has almost passed since I began this journey. As with everyone, a lot happens in a year! The life lessons keep coming, and the familiar cycle of a new year begins.  Imagine, it is almost time for Chinese New Year 2017! Chinese New Year 2016 Where am I now?

When I started this blog, I used online instructions to create it. It clearly stated that everyone begins with gusto and within a few months fizzle out. Momentum dies, postings become less. And indeed it happened to me. It wasn’t some amazingly busy life change that slowed the pace of my stories.  The stories were there, and always were! I struggled between changing the names of the people involved, and just putting it all out there. After all, I am telling my story, with real people in it. How do I navigate that now?

My greatest lessons still come to me while gardening. I have found that nature, in its infinite glory never fails to teach me… how to live and how to survive. Each time I wander out to my garden I am inspired by the beauty and wonder of it all, as well as the lessons of tenacity, perseverance, and hope.  When the world now is filled with so much noise, ugly noise, that gives one a sense of doom, a new bud appears on a plant that I thought was dead. And my sense of hope in nature and humanity reenergizes. One year later, I am still learning lessons, still grateful, still ready for the next great adventure.

There are moments when I fear. Brief moments that dot the passage of my day or week. Somewhere in the maze of daily living, I find reasons to rise above that fear. And I am also blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who remind me that the timing of the universe is perfect. Trust in it.  See the good and the positive that surrounds me every day. Every moment of the day! It is one year later, but I must continually live in the present moment and enjoy what I have now.

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