Lessons await…The Journey Begins!

Well everyone has to begin somewhere!  So here I go! Getting a blog started is a lot more work that I initially thought. Especially when you are not as tech savvy as what seems like ..everyone else!  It has been a learning process and I don’t plan on giving up. I have come thus far and I am making progress.  Getting here, has really boiled down to perseverance.

Yes, I am happy to say that I do not give up easily. This attribute has served me very well in both good times and bad.  And at times, it has been the makings of a rather huge life lesson – or two.  Ahh, life lessons. We certainly cannot seem to get away from those! Some of us try to hide, but I now look at them as stepping stones.

Perseverance is a wonderful attribute. But like all other things in life, it must be balanced out with other qualities. Like Kenny Rogers said in that song, “you gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run!” Sometimes I’ve gotten bogged down in holding them for far too long! And that can be detrimental, I dare say downright painful. But for the most part, not giving up has been something about myself I have always been most proud. And I look back at all the lessons and recognize every day that they helped reshape me for the better.

In all, life lessons have been learned. And with each new one I continue to blossom. And grow.  I focus on finding connections, discovering life passions, lessons, perhaps even purpose in this blog.  It is a journey. And together we will find it through stories, encounters, moments of raucous laughter and even in sad reflection.

Bags packed ready to go!

Bags packed ready to go!

As I transition jobs and really started to build up my networking, reaching out and speaking with contacts, many different people on separate occasions said I should start a blog.  Interesting idea, I thought!. By the time the fifth, sixth or seventh person mentioned it, none connected to each other, I felt it was the universe speaking to me.  I needed to listen!

I remember years ago a wonderful friend of mine would reference the “universe” when she spoke to me. She spoke of the universe opening up things, or the universe has perfect timing. I had no idea what she was talking about back then. I honestly thought of her as some new age freak for a while. I don’t remember when exactly that it hit me, (which is unfortunate) but one day, I suddenly understood what she meant by the universe. And now I speak with people about it quite frequently!  In some I see that look like I probably had and quietly I say to myself, that in time, it will all come together.

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3 Responses to Lessons await…The Journey Begins!

  1. Connie says:

    Glad to have you sharing here. I am looking forward to visiting often.

  2. Carol says:

    Your blog is amazing! Incredible great stories and real life experiences. I look forward to more of your enlightening messages.

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