Getting Out Purposefully

No less than two days after my encounter with Rosie (see post Just When You Need a Boost ) I was invited to meet up with a former colleague at a Farmers Market at University of Miami.  When I arrived and called to confirm with her where to meet, another woman’s voice answered her phone.  “Frances,” she said, ” who would believe that I would see you two times in one week.  This is Paula.”  She then handed the phone over to my colleague. Paula turned out to be the woman who had said that I had the best scones ever just two days before.  When I walked up to her a few minutes later, it all came back to me, who she was from my past. I had not seen her in six years and now twice in one week!

I walked around the Farmer’s Market to get ideas. Food is my thing, so this was a great way to stimulate ideas.  I interacted with all the sellers. I met a lot of interesting people from all walks of life. This was great on so many levels!  When you are not working, you tend to stay home more. It makes sense. There is less opportunity to spend money. I totally get it!  But getting out, especially getting out purposefully and interacting with people, well, that has far more benefits than you could ever possibly imagine!

The key is to make those interactions work for your purpose.  Whether it is to stimulate you to find your passion or purpose, to expand your business, to learn something new, make those interactions mean something to you and for you.

Getting out purposefully is a test of your will. The strong tendency to stay put. It makes you really have to dig deep to find purpose,  purpose to spend your time and your gas. But making that grand step, moving forward with the mindset and the intention to grow, whether it is your mind, your network or your resolve, I urge you – make that grand step!

As I stepped out that morning, I would even say EVERY TIME I’ve stepped out, I knew I would benefit and have benefitted.  And I strongly believe that it is because I was willing to stay open and ready to receive.  So get out there, purposefully!  You never know what benefits await you if you choose to stay behind closed doors. And those closed doors are meant figuratively, spiritually and literally! Opportunities abound out there!! Take the first step!


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