Garden Magic

Seeing color

Seeing color

I love a beautiful garden! In truth, who doesn’t! I love gardening!  And this is coming from a lady who is very cautious about “certain creatures” that hang out in gardens. You know the type, the ones that are beneficial!  But, I am not deterred! Gardening is great therapy, for me. I get lost in my thoughts as dig and plant, chop and trim, lift and haul. And the fruits of my labor are literally in the bounty of exotic tropical fruits, the gorgeous blooms, the butterflies, the birds, colors, the scents.. the entire community of nature out there with which I co-exist.

Now I must admit that I would never call my garden, well… manicured!  There is thought into where things are placed, but when I am so busy working, sometimes my garden gets shafted. Left to its own devices! So I advise each plant, as I welcome them in, that there may be some “dry spells” when “you may not get all the fertilizer you need or water for that matter.  You will have to literally dig deep!”

Surprisingly, the vast majority of my plants have done rather well. When I started out my garden abounded with what I call “garden architecture” You know what I am talking about. Especially if you watch HGTV.  One day a contractor working on my house admitted to me that he thought that I was into some kind of black magic worship because I had mirrors in my garden.   That was a funny moment. For some it would be inviting, other would feel repelled. But I digress..

Garden magic helps me see the colors in life! Bright, vibrant, many tones and hues but colorful none the less! Stay tuned for posts on the adventures in that magical place I call my garden.

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