Everyday Encounters

Just some thoughts on the subject..

Every day we have these encounters, but it is not every day that we consciously recognize them. And they represent connections made! And dare I say, connections that may again occur at some point in our lives whether or not we choose to see them now.  Steve Jobs spoke of connecting dots. It is about recognizing the connections in the journey of your life. How one thing leads you to the path of another. And the choices you make as you navigate that path determines the direction your life takes.

Now the way I see it, the thing that you most fear, and the choices you make to avoid it will only delay the inevitable in your journey. But how you navigate through life is all part of your journey.  In the end, everything is timed as it should. My philosophy… live life with no regrets.

Posts in “this happened today” will resonate with you.  More than anything, because we are all connected!!  And I enjoy the discovery of how connected we all are. Hopefully you will too!  Often, I find the funny side to the encounter or event that happens.  Sometimes, I need to be reminded!  There is an old saying regarding life situations  that says-“if you don’t laugh, you will cry”. I prefer to laugh!  Because through laughter I find the positive in the story, the experience, the purpose of the journey. And by staying positive, we can move forward.  We draw good energy to us. We blossom and we grow. On to the next path in our journey!

I was once told a story about a person rushing to a job interview. They were running late.  Panicked and frustrated they cut someone off in traffic to make it there on time. They get to the interview only to discover that the very person they cut off in traffic was their interviewer!  I can only imagine how that played out! We have all had what I call “oops” moments.  Rather than wallow in regret, I learn from it.

Trust me, I will still have those “oops” moment stories to tell in my everyday encounters!  As much I have learned many lessons in the past, I sometimes forget or ignore the message or lesson in an encounter. And sadly, somewhere down the line, the story repeats. All part of being human I guess.  I must admit that I have gotten better at recognizing the connection. For what it is worth, I may not know the purpose of the connection, but I now go with the flow. Trust in the journey.

Stay connected to the things that happen to you today.  Being more present could and will take your journey closer to where you want to be. Imagine if that random person you just barked at or cut off in traffic, turned out to be the person who would offer you the opportunity of a lifetime.





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