My Dirty Hands

Gardening is great therapy for me.  Lately, I have been doing a lot of gardening. It has been months since I’ve been without work, and it has not been from lack of trying.  I have been doing networking, social media, webinars, changing resumes, sending out resumes, filling out online applications, on and on. I have pushed myself to think outside the box, to interact more, to reach out to people I have not seen or spoken to in weeks, months, years, even decades!  As for my perspective, I remain positive though. This is not my first time at this rodeo! Good things will come. That is for sure. And when I stretch myself beyond what I think is within my own possibilities, I discover powerful thoughts and revelations that ground me and uplift me all at once.

As I said, gardening is great therapy. Sometimes, when the stress of it all gets too great, I step outside into my ever-so-forgiving-garden, and I commune with nature. This morning was no exception. It just so happened that while I was out there this morning, digging up dirt to plant a flower called the Desert Rose, my mind wandered off.

Desert Rose

Desert Rose

Many thoughts go through my head while I focused on my task at hand. I sat there, looking at my hands as I dug into the dirt.  I was digging a space big enough for me to finally put this Desert Rose in a permanent home. To be honest it had been sitting in the container I had bought it in for months, till the roots pushed through into the earth below. My hands! Again I was staring at my dirty hands.  They were totally covered in dirt. No gardening gloves here!  I thought to myself, “these hands… these hands are the same hands that prepare food, that touch my face, that has fed a child…”  These same dirty hands which I sat staring at so intently.

The symbolism behind these thoughts was not lost to me at that very moment. What makes it possible to do all that with these same hands??  The answer… the ability to clean them, change them, and do something else with them. It is that power of knowing that it is possible to make a change, that I started to reflect upon while sitting there with said plant in hand. We may be “in the dirt” so to speak, but it does not mean that we cannot change to do something “cleaner”. With these hands, with all hands for that matter, we guide and direct yet we can destroy; we help yet we can harm.  And we can and do flow easily between two opposing situations. Powerful perspective, isn’t it?

I always share with friends, and in recent years particularly with my staff and team about how powerful and interesting perspective can be. If we all took a moment to see something from someone else’s perspective, in essence, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, we would be less likely to hurt, harm, judge and criticize. “I just want you to understand me!”  And this understanding is an expectation that we all want from others.  Now we all have our moments when we lose perspective. I am no exception here! Those moments when the very understanding that we want we have not given. But I am happy that I have people in my life who will remind me to refocus and consider that there is always another way to look at things.

“I just want you to understand me!”  Who hasn’t said that!  This understanding is an expectation that we all want from everyone.  Now there are those moments when we lose our perspective. I am no exception here! Those moments when the very understanding that we want, we have not given. But I am fortunate that I have people in my life who will and do remind me to refocus, breathe and consider that there are always other ways to look at things.

I focused my thoughts back to my hands. Why did that thought about perspective come to me? What was the universe trying to tell me? Was I experiencing the power of knowing? Knowing or actually acknowledging a fact or truth and accepting it. Indeed, it was! With my career, I have the power to change myself, my purpose, my vision. I can wash “the dirt” off from one career and move on to something else. Right then, I felt like I was making peace with one chapter of my life and preparing to begin a new one.

We often ask for signs, messages, guidance of some sort to help us navigate through our lives. The problem is, that sometimes we don’t pay attention to the signs, messages and guidance that we are provided. Often they arrive and sit quietly next to us waiting to be acknowledged. We step over, around and on top of them, refusing to see them, face them, accept them.  I find a lot of answers in my garden now. It is my meditation, my moments of reflection, my sanctuary, my connection to self and to the universe.  So while digging in the dirt I realized that a change was coming, a new perspective that I would need to embrace. I was ready, just like the Desert Rose would be about its new place in my garden.


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2 Responses to My Dirty Hands

  1. Connie says:

    I love this, Frances! Have had many of the same thoughts – especially about asking for signs!! It was a delight to meet and talk with you today. I did manage to register to Word Press and found my way back to your blog. An accomplishment…….little one but an accomplishment nevertheless. Look forward to reading your other posts. Connie Quinlivan

    • FBrown says:

      Connie it was a pleasure meeting you as well. You have my contact information. I will be happy to help you through the blogging process. We are here to empower each other!

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