About Frances Brown

Welcome! Our connection begins here..  Hi there!  My name is Frances Brown and I am embarking on a journey of helping people discover the joy of connections and perhaps find their passion.  Out of something seemingly unrelated you may find your passion!   You may be surprised!! 

 I have spent the past 20 years working with food… cooking it, managing people who cook and serve it – holidays, weekends, nights. Food has always been my passion and still is! But the dynamics of my passion has changed.  And change as we know is a constant. A constant I have come to embrace!

 I am passionate food lover, traveler, road cyclist, music and theater and book lover, who finds joy digging and planting (and occasionally photographing the benefits!)  in my garden, baking and cooking (did I mention I am a Pastry Chef/Chef).  I put that last because I don’t want it to be the first thing that defines me. I see the immediate change of expression on people’s faces when I mention that.

Frances Brown

Frances Brown

Yes, some genuinely surprised, some excited at the prospect of goodies and good eating!  I am continually yearning for the connections that bring us together. I love the discovery of life, that crazy uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring,   I reflect back but I always look forward. I laugh a lot at life and have to say there is not one day that goes by that I do not find (or it finds me) a humorous story to tell. 

Each story usually begins with “ I was minding my own business when…”    I am a great listener, whom has been told more times than I can count that I should have been a therapist or counselor.  I believe wholeheartedly in the power of positive thinking. And that one brief word, moment, expression that change someone’s day, someone’s life!

Like an instrument in need of tuning, I try to find that right pitch that connects me with someone, some moment, or some experience that makes a new direction, a new understanding.  What will you find here? Perhaps a connection to or for your own life story; a bridge to a new discovery; a great recipe; a funny story, an understanding, a new perspective. Life!  The story of my journey connecting with yours!  I realize that there is good in all of us. For some, it takes a while to find it.

 Life is all about perspective. Finding the good, overcoming the struggle, letting go, holding on and holding up!  Trusting in the journey.  I am not too sure where this will lead but let’s get this journey going!

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