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Just When You Need a Boost…

I find that in life, just when you need a boost, it comes from the most unexpected places.  About 2 weeks ago or so I got an email about a talk being given at a local hotel. 

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Food Filled New Year!

Well the Chinese new year is officially here! And as planned I made all the required foods to ensure I started off with a bang. The wings were AMAZING!!  Definitely going to make that recipe again! Baked AND crispy!!

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Everyday Encounters

Just some thoughts on the subject.. Every day we have these encounters, but it is not every day that we consciously recognize them. And they represent connections made! And dare I say, connections that may again occur at some point in our … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year 2016

Thankfully, Chinese New Year 2016 is almost here!  And personally, I cannot wait! As I told you, I am all about food!  I love the cooking, eating, and yes, the discovering of it all! And you do not have to look … Continue reading

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Starting with This Happened Today…

Starting today there will be stories…

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Lessons await…The Journey Begins!

Well everyone has to begin somewhere!  So here I go! Getting a blog started is a lot more work that I initially thought. Especially when you are not as tech savvy as what seems like ..everyone else!  It has been … Continue reading

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